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On December 8th a Chinese futures analyst of white sugar Shuqiang Chen suicide by jumping from building at the age of just 30.

Sources said the day before he killed himself, international raw sugar futures falling continuously.

According to what happened on Shuqiang Chen, people are started to attention on this marginal group of people.

· What is the situation now in CHINA?

Actually, the income level of futures analyst in china was very low, even lower than salesman. In Shanghai and some surrounding areas, total monthly pay of futures analyst is average 6000 Yuan, and salesman is about 3000 to 4000 Yuan for average per month, if combine with all commissions, they can get a total of 7000 to 8000 Yuan per month.

From that, we can see the gap between them. No doubt, people will have a huge psychological gap. Futures analyst is a career has dribbled away many time and energy but with low income.

· On the other hand, compare with securities analyst, the research result of futures analyst is not creating any benefits. That is the key issue and reason of why this group of people is instability and marginalization.Based on this situation, many of them has chosen to leave or change to another position.