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3 Reasons Lab-Created Diamonds Are A Better Investment

I've been searching for her special gift. Mine takes the shape of her happiness. I found that end result helped along by those also in the gift-giving mood this holiday season; Gemesis Diamond Company.

Once I made the decision to ask her, I began noticing the wealth of diamond advertisements everywhere. I noticed a lot of sparkling pictures and billboards with featured selections, but recently I learned more about lab-created diamond benefits.


My diamond is a symbol of my love. I want the best for her. Gemesis man-made diamonds are of Type IIa, the purest type of diamond. I've invested in the best variety and have the peace of mind in knowing I selected a pure diamond.

I'm going to ask her this season, choosing a traditional colorless diamond, but I'll be back for future gifts. Her favorite color is yellow. I would like to surprise her in the future with a necklace or bracelet.


It's easy for me to think outside of myself. I'm in love with her. It's easy to be conscientious about things which influence her well being. We are all part of a larger community; that's what I realized in getting involved locally. I'm involved in community 'go green' efforts. Lab creations are socially-conscience alternatives to mined diamonds.

Lab-created diamonds are manufactured in a controlled environment, limiting the carbon footprint and impact on the environment. I'm happy in knowing I made a socially-conscience purchase as well as a qualitative one.


Stacy and I have read occasional stories and seen a number of documentaries. The concept of "blood" diamonds and politically corrupt operations are sometimes associated with the realities of diamond mining. While some stories are horribly real and others unproven, lab-produced diamonds allow for a socially-responsible purchase alternative.

I'm met with the peace of mind in knowing no social or political wrongdoing was indirectly or directly associated with our love and her subsequent gift.