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Is The Interest In PWRD's Products Decreasing?

Perfect World (Simplified Chinese:完美时空) is a China-based online game company specializing in MMORPGs. Beijing Perfect World Co. was founded in 2004 by Chi Yufeng, the president of Human Software Corporation.[2] The company aims to develop and market games with Chinese characteristics. The company's initial public offering on the Nasdaq was completed in July, 2007.[3]

So far the Company has developed 15 Games:

Here is how Google Searches have evolved over time (English Terms):

* I only choose a few terms to illustrate you the trend. You can check out the rest at


Key words: Perfect World International

Key words: Perfect World Download

Key words: Legend of Martial Arts

Key words: Perfect World II

Key words: Forsaken World

Key words: War of Immortals

Key words: Sward Online

Popularity Comparison among the different Games (see how the only game trending up is relatively insignificant):

What About China? Is over ther the interest in PWRD products decreasing too? Pls, note that the vast majority of Users in China uses BAIDU, and therefore Google Trend Results might be biased. The Biased is mitigated by the Fact that we are interested in relative results and not in absoule numbes to detect the trend (so Google Trends is probably a good barometer of the evolution over time of ppl interes in China)

Key words: 完美世界 --> = Perfect World

Key words: 国际完美世界 --> = Perfect World International

Key words: 武林外传 --> = Legend Of Martial Arts

Key words: 梦幻诛仙 --> = Fantasy Zhu Xian

Key words: 热舞派对 --> = Hot Dance Party


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