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Behind Neurotrope, Clear And Overwhelming Links To Fraudsters

|Includes: Neurotrope, Inc. (NTRP)


I have provided this information to the SEC via the whistleblower program.

It is my firm conviction that shares of Neurotrope are going to zero and that an investigation will follow.


Executive Summary:

  • Neurotrope was created in a reverse merger in August 2013 by Adam Gottbetter and Michael Silverman. The Neurotrope promotion was delayed when Gottbetter was sent to prison for stock fraud in early 2015.
  • Gottbetter was released from prison in November 2016. Exactly ONE DAY LATER, NTRP raised approx. $25 million in a stock sale, run by Gottbetter's former partner Michael Silverman. NTRP price and volume took off ( nearly tripled in the following 100 days). The stock is now collapsing.
  • Gottbetter's former partner, Michael Silverman, was barred by FINRA after forging customer signatures ( link). He was also arrested and indicted as part of an illegal gambling ring run by the Luchese mafia crime family ( link).
  • NTRP's "drug" (bryostatin) has been evaluated for more than 48 years against AIDS, cancer and now Alzheimer's. Simply put: it always failed. Documents show that Blanchette Rockefeller Institute actually filed for bankruptcy on July 28, 2016 ( Link 1). BRNI was running the research on Bryostatin.
  • Just weeks after the BRNI bankruptcy filing, hedge fund manager Joshua Silverman supposedly left his fund Iroquois Capital to become Chairman of Neurotrope. Joshua Silverman and Iroquois are currently under SEC investigation for their role in an imploded stock promotion called MGT Capital which appears to be very similar to the Neurotrope promotion. Although Silverman says he left Iroquois, suddenly Neurotrope began using the same address as Iroquois.
  • Various parties involved in Neurotrope are using multiple arrangements to drain much of the cash from Neurotrope IMMEDIATELY after capital raises. They are making millions of dollars without any need for any successful drug - EVER.
  • Stock promoters behind Neurotrope are using alternate identities, but trace back to a New York IR firm called JV Public Relations NY which is linked to Neurotrope. Janet Vasquez, who runs JV Public Relations, was formerly the PR rep for Forcefield Energy (SunSi Energy), which was delisted due to fraud as its Chairman was arrested.
  • Below I will show that Sharon Di Stefano has written more than a dozen articles using the name "Small Cap Forecasting" or "SCF". But the phone number tied to SCF articles distributed though ACCESSWIRE actually belongs to JV Public Relations At least 10 (out of 15) of the companies covered by Di Stefano also happen to be tied to JV Public relations. All 10 of those stocks are also featured on an additional biotech stock promotion site which does not disclose compensation. THIS INCLUDES NEUROTROPE. INCIDENTALLY, IT ALSO INCLUDES TAPIMMUNE (TPIV).
  • Just like NTRP, Tapimmune is another stock where Joshua Silverman's Iroquois Capital holds 9.99%. Just like NTRP, Tapimmune received bullish coverage from Di Stefano. Just like NTRP, Di Stefano's bullish article was then disseminated by a paid press release tied to JV Public Relations. Just like NTRP, Tapimmune also used Michael Silverman's Katalyst Securities to raise money.
  • Despite the information contained in this report, Sharon Di Stefano claims that she doesn't know who Janet Vasquez or Jackie Rodriguez work for ( link). Truth is, they run JV Public Relations NY, the microcap IR firm in New York. The phone number listed as "media contact" for Di Stefano's Small Cap Forecasting happens to be the same as of JV Public Relations. Neurotrope has already come out with a public statement denying that it is not involved in any paid promotion behind its stock. Who is paying JV Public Relations NY?


Disclosure: I am/we are short NTRP.