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Artificial lightning on the Stock Exchange

|Includes: Tesla Motors (TSLA)

Tesla produced artificial lightning on the Stock Exchange

Today Stock Markets across the Globe suffered huge losses and the DOW lost nearly 300 hundred points. However, Tesla Motors, true to its maverick name sake, electrified the Stock Exchange, there was thunderous applause, and the atmosphere was truly electric. It was akin to what Mr. Tesla claimed to have done (produced artificial lightening) in his Lab in Colorado Springs, Co.

Investors were eager to hitch a ride on Tesla's Roadster. The company's stock soared 41% making it the second Best IPO of the Year 2010.

Investors who could sit back and relax may enjoy the long ride, this could be one of the Best IPO's of 2010. The company has great financial backing, Federal Government support and lots of believers.

The top end Roadster sells for $100K and the Model S slated for 2012 has a price tag of $50K. We don't expect the Model S to become Model T of our generation any time soon, however, for those who believe the fossil fuel powered cars are going to go extinct soon, the Roadster is truly a luxurious sports car of the future, we say gentlemen and ladies: Start Your Engine!



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