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Senesco: Increased Financial Strength And Involvement Of Dr. Phillip Frost Could Spur More Interest In The Stock

|Includes: Sevion Therapeutics, Inc. (SVON)

Progress in the treatments of most cancers is a gradual and incremental process in which very few therapies can come close to creating a cure on their own. Cancer cells have evolved numerous biological mechanisms that allow them to overcome the effect of most drugs when used as a single agent. This has led to the near universal practice of combining drugs with different modes of action, most commonly chemotherapies, monoclonal antibodies and targeted therapies. Used in combination, they can produce synergistic results.

My interest in Senesco (SNTI) initially was based on their lead drug SNS01-T, which has a very unique and differentiated mechanism of action. This gives rise to the promise that it could offer a unique approach to treating cancer that could result in its being added to existing therapies. It is this differentiated mechanism of action that makes SNS01-T so conceptually interesting to me. The recent announcement of the potential merger with Fabrus and with this the involvement of the famed biotechnology investor Dr. Phillip Frost has added to my interest.

Senesco has been operating with a strained balance sheet for some time. Given the cash constraints that it has faced, it has done a credible job of moving SNS01-T forward through development, pre-clinical trials and into phase Ib/IIa. It still has a substantial challenge ahead as it tries to get the drug into and through a phase IIb trial. A recent equity offering has put the Company on a better financial footing that could allow the Company to progress SNS01-T through a phase IIb trial and with successful results could lead to a partnering agreement.

The progress with SNS01-T and the involvement of Dr. Frost should result in much more attention to this long ignored Company. I have written a detailed report on the Company which discusses the biology behind SNS01-T, its clinical trial results and the investment outlook. This report is available on my website for subscribers.

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