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Is It Real Or Is It Memorex, Buccaneer Energy's Rig Is On Site!!

|Includes: APA, Buccaneer Energy Ltd. (BCGFQ), MPC

I post a picture of the rig and I get all kinds of email to my Seeking Alpha account asking if the photo is real. Come on people, I am Alaskan, I got people to talk to and while I was born at night...It wasn't last night. I will also remind all 7 of you (yea that's a lot for me) I don't have a reason to lie and I know the source of the photos very well.

You skeptics get to make stuff up, up here if we do that no one talks to us and the winters are lonely. Here are a couple of the other photos I got. I will tell you this, the weather has been very nice lately and they must have moved it in the last few days.

All with any doubts, stop emailing me and get your buts on a plane and come look for yourself.