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Stocks Rise As Traders Buy World Currencies, Oil, And Silver And Sell The US Dollar

Financial Market report for April 20, 2011

1) ... A likely world stock market top has been achieved as traders purchased the worlds currencies, DBV, emerging market currencies, CEW, as well as oil and silver, and sold the US Dollar, $USD, causing World stocks, ACWI to rise 1.7%.

World small caps, VSS, rose 2.1% Emerging market small caps, EWX, rose 1.7%.

The Euro, FXE, rose 1.3% to close at 144.57. CNN Money reports Dollar hits 15-month low against euro

All, that is every one of the world’s currencies rose: FXA, FXE, FXM, FXC, ICN, FXB, FXS, SZR FXF, CYB, BZF, XRU, FXY,B NZ, DBV, CEW, CCX; these can be seen in this Finviz Screener

West Texas Intermediate Crude, $WTIC, 1.5% rose to 109.95 and Silver, SLV, rose 2.6% to  44.12.

The US Dollar, $USD, fell 74.37.

The ETFs and stocks rising the most today, especially the developed market small caps are likely to fall the  most as seigniorage continues to fail; the chart of the world stocks relative to world government bonds, VT:BWX, communicates that world the seigniorage of the world central banks failed February 22, 2011.

Failure of the seigniorage of neoliberalism is also seen in the ratio of the HUI Precious Metal Mining Stocks Relative To US Treasuries,.$HUI:$USB, as investors are no longer willing to invest in the precious metal  mining stocks, GDX; but rather gold and silver bullion.

Gold mining stocks have fallen lower in value and have disconnected from the price of gold as is seen in the chart of GDX:GLD

2) … Are you looking for a list of stocks to possibly sell short?  
Personally I am invested in gold and silver bullion, but, if you are looking for a listing of possible stocks to short sell, I suggest my chartlist The Seigniorage Of Neoliberalism Has Failed .... A Bear Market Is Underway

3) .. Stock ETFs rising today included
Semiconductors, XSD, 4.0
Copper Miners, COPX, 3.0
Nasdaq 100, QTEC, 3.2
SmartFone, FONE, 3.0
North American Software, IGV, 2.8
Small Cap Technology, PSCT, 2.9
Networking, IGN, 2.8
Solar, KWT, 2.5
Internet Retail, HHH, 2.5
Technology, XLK, 2.1
Junior Gold Miners, GDXJ 2.1
Energy, XLE, 2.3
Small Cap Consumer Discretionary, PSCD, 2.0
Small Cap Energy PSCE, 1.9
Steel, SLX, 2.1.
Retail, XRT, 2.1
Gaming, BJK, 1.9
Metal Manufacturing, XME, 1.9
Consumer Discretionary, VCR, 1.8
Silver Miners, SIL, 1.6
Real Estate, IYR, 1.1

European Financials, EUFN 1.9
Emerging Market Financials, EFN 2.7
International Dividend, DOO 2.6

Countries rising today included
Germany, EWG
South Korea, EWY
Australia, EWA
Europe, VGK
Switzerland, EWL
Sweden, EWD
United Kingdom, EWU
China. YAO,
Brazil, EWP
South Africa, EZA,
Indonesia, IDX,
India, INDY
Russia, RSX
New Zealand, ENZL
Canada, EWY
Brics, EEB
Emerging Markets, EBB

Developed Market Small Caps Stocks rising today included:
German Small Caps, GERJ 2.5
South Korea Small Caps, SKOR 2.2
Australia Small Caps, KROO, 3.6
Latin America Small Caps,LATM, 2.4
Canada Small Caps, CNDA, 2.2
Brazil Small Caps, BRF, 1.5
Russia Small Caps, RSXJ, 2.1
Spain, EWP, 2.2
Italy, EWI, 2.3

Small Cap Pure Value, RZV 1.7
Small Cap Pure Growth, RZG, 1.8
Mid Cap Growth, JKH 2,2
Small Cap Growth, IWO 2.4

4) … Stocks rising strong included
United States Small Cap Growth Stocks: Decker Outdoor Advertising, DECK,

Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers such as Teradyne, TER, Kulicke and Soffa Industries, KLIC,  Aixtron,AIXG,

Processing Systems And Equipment: Polycom, PLCM,

DRAM Chips: Micron Technology, MU,

Internet Software: Internet Capital Group, ICGE,

Manufactured Housing Manufacturer: Cavco Industries, CVCO,

Silver Mining: Silver Standard Resources Inc, SSRI,

Computer Peripherals, Universal Display, PANL

Aerospace: BE Aerospace, BEAV,

Printed circuit board manufactures such as Diodes, DIOD

Management Services: Cognizent Technology, CTSH,

Real Estate: Asset Management: Blackstone Group, BX,

Real Estate: Property Management: CB Richard Ellis, CBG,

The Morgan Stanley Cyclicals Index: Automobile Component,Johnson Controls, JCI, rose taking a whole host of automobile industry stocks higher and The Morgan Stanley Cyclicals Index: Building Systems Component, United Technologies, UTX, rose to a new high.

Real Estate: Retail REIT: SL Green Realty, SLG,

The chart of Consumer Staples, XLP, XLV, DIA, JNK, IBB, PSCH, XPH, XBI, communicates that a Stock Market Top is being achieved, Peak Stock Wealth, that is Peak Fiat Wealth is being achieved; the investment demand for gold and silver bullion will continue strong as sovereign debt crisis manifests globally and thus stocks loose there seigniorage.