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The Swiss Franc-Australian Dollar Carry Trade Exploded Higher This Week

|Includes: AUSE, EWA, FXA, Invesco CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust ETF (FXF)

The Swiss Franc Australian Dollar carry trade exploded higher this week. The Swiss franc, FXF, blasted 2.7%, higher to its 200 day average; the Japanese yen, FXY, rose 1.7% to a 112.86, near the recent November 2009 recent high;  the Australian, FXA, dollar fell 3.7%, rewarding those long the Swiss Franc short the Australian Dollar. The FXF:FXA blasted out of a consolidation triangle that started June 7, 2010. This stimulated disinvestment from Asia, excluding Japan shares, DNH, which fell 6.8%, and disinvestment from Australia, EWA, which fell 7.1%. Switzerland, EWL, fell only 2.3%. World shares, ACWI, fell 4.1%.

Disclosure: I am invested in gold coins