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Dear traders,

Dear traders,
I believe that you can see that trading not going well as usually and reason for that is news market. It is absolutely impossible to know how market will open day after with small risk. My focus is always finding smallest risk as possible with biggest rewards as possible, but in news market that is for me impossible. I like to note that I look for low risk. If you want high risk (for me that is gambling) setup then absolutely no problems, but that is not my style.  Markets have technical reasons for very whippy action over 60 min time frame charts, even on daily/weekly time frame. I will give little information. DIA is at weekly and daily resistance (50sma weekly and 200sma daily). The SPY is very close to same resistance areas and still has small room for bounce or whippy reaction. QQQ is close to previous weekly high. Since all indices are "near" bigger resistance areas, that mean all have room for another 60 min bounce, but also it won't be strange to see reversal, because resistance is here and it will be easy to give comment if that will happen. But I try to explain why risk high is right now. Technically we can see bounce and another day-two upside action, but since resistance is very close reversal won't be surprise. If we add to all this information's that Europe news can affect on action then risk will increase in already high risk. I hope that I explained why risk higher is for me. I think that is absolutely true fast. Now, question is what to do. For only swing traders I want to say that cash is also position and it will be smartest to wait and see what will be market reaction. For others who like intraday trading or swing trading and need to trade my recommendation is to use maximum 50% usual risk. Personally I will be in first category, but since I know that I have members who use scalps and day trades I will look for those setups. Smallest risk right now will be with scalps and 5 min setups and that mean maximum 1-2 hour in trade, because after morning move doldrums can bring opposite direction and all can change. At least we had that kind of action last days. My apologies for email members if there won't be much action, but I will try to find good setup on time, because it is not easy to send scalp over email. I hope that have sense. Anyway, I want to note that tomorrow will market be here and day after. Since I started this business I was avoid high risk periods and I was only waiting.  I know that during those periods profit can be bigger than usual, but same can be with loss and my plan is to stay here longer term. If anyone will have any question for any setup or any other question please joins us for free trial (very small monthly fee) or just send me email and I will be glad to help you.
Wish you all good trading day
Ivica Juracic
p.s. patience is traders one of best friends

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