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Stock pick for 11/28/2011

Stock pick for 11/28/2011


Dear traders,

Hope you all had good weekend (some long weekend). There is not much to say because this is not much technical or fundamental market. I just like to remind that this is news market and that mean surprises can come out anytime and market reaction is not predictable. We can’t change that and that is not big problem for experience traders because after 12 years here I learned how to act during crises periods. Always will be those periods and always will market back to normal when fundamental/technical analyst will work property. As I told above, we can’t change market, and we can’t be sure what will be next direction, but we can recognize risk. Obviously in news (nervous market) risk is higher. Market can continue with selling what will not be strange if we see daily/weekly time frame charts. Many bad news from Europe are reason why market is weak and nervous. On the other side one good (Merkel/Sarkozy ) new can brought strong relief bounce. I don’t expect that any news can bring swing direction (unless will be something really big for upside reaction). For us traders it is very important to use proper risk. Some experience traders have enough patience and they just wait. I can very easy wait several days without any trade and then start with symbolic size. Don’t forget that cash is also position. Those who don’t have enough patience they can trade with less then 50% usual risk and take less trade number. Wait to see if open trade will bring you in free trade position and then take new one. There are few ways, but it is very important to not fall in overtrade trap and pray mode. I hope that I was explain well market moment and if I didn’t please feel free to contact me and I will be happy explain more.

Wish you all good trading day and week

Ivica Juracic







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"I have been trading for over 5 years. I am continually impressed by Ivica's understanding of the market. He provides low risk and extremely profitable trading opportunities. His watch list is always concise and includes an overview of the market as well as very specific set ups..."

Debbie Groll

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