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Added Some More RWM

|Includes: ProShares Short Russell2000 ETF (RWM)

ON 22 MAR, I added some more RWM to the portfolio at 21.61. This addition of RWM constitutes about 5% of the portfolio. Kind of interesting that we had three major players in 3 major industries recently tell us things are not good, but nobody seems to care: CAT, FDX, and ORCL. Aluminum prices are down in the dumps. Even with the aluminum glut, if things were so great, wouldn't aluminum be picking up a little bit instead of going down?

Let the funny money flow and hope for the best, I guess. Haven't we seen that, before?


RWM: 18%

IWM Puts: 4%

Cash Securing Dell Puts: 73%

Cash: 5%