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|Includes: RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc. (RICK)

Bought some more RICK, today, at 11.48. RICK recently released quarterly sales numbers. Overall sales were up over 6% thanks to a similar % increase in store units; however, sss were down over 6%. Stock has drifted lower since that was released. Also, the market has been drifting lower over the same period--about 1/2 way through earnings season and it has been so-so, commodities continue to decline, and China's stock market has been diving. (Nobody seems to care about Greece anymore, for the moment--that was the worrying point a few months ago, again). At any rate, RICKs is not a growth stock; it is a value stock. I'm not thrilled with the SSS decline, but one quarter does not a company make, and the value is good. Full quarterly results come out in early AUG.

Disclosure: I am/we are long RICK, ECPG, VNM, PRAA.