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ยท Many people may misunderstand that the high financing Uber will erode to EHIC business, just like it erodes to $HTZ and $CAR. It is not true! EHIC business is two blocks, one is car rental , competing with the Car Inc. (HK:00699), the other one is for enterprise customers of long-term lease or limousine . EHIC and Uber do not overlap their businesses. Instead, On January 8, 2015, the Ministry of Transportation of the Government of the People's Republic of China that regulates and supervises the taxi industry, has released a statement: "The government welcomes innovation with mobile APPs, and it is not against the business model of companies like UBER. However, the government made it clear that UBER like services cannot use private vehicles. Any participant who wishes to link customer demands to car services has to hire vehicles from car rental companies that are not privately owned." EHIC is licensed to operate car services, and Uber business needs such as a large number of vehicles and license resources partners. The information has disclosed that EHIC is providing "vehicles and license" for Uber.