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Rare Metals as Rare Opportunities for Investors: Jack Lifton is Coming Soon to NYC

On Monday, May 11, I'm speaking at the Hard Assets Conference (  in New York at the Mariott Marquis at 8:05 AM on "Rare Metals as Rare Opportunities for Investors." I will post a draft of my talk on SeekingAlpha on my Instablog this coming Sunday, May 10.

A commentator on my last article asked "What about India?" The article in question " China and India Vie for the World's Natural Resources, Part 1: China in Australia," which is my most recent article, as of today, on SeekingAlpha, is subtitled "Part 1: China in Australia." Over the next few months I will be expanding this topic, and I will indeed discuss India's quest for natural resources as well as China's. Please be patient. It is a big topic, and it is a topic with important and game-changing consequences for America and for natural resouce investors. There can be no word-bites here. The background for the topic and for my conclusions needs to be developed.

I appreciate thoughtful criticism always.


Jack Lifton