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Back to the past: Rare earth exploration near Ytterby, Sweden, and beyond

My corner of the world had a lot of rare earth exploration and development information activity today, May 7, 2010.

A reporter for a Swedish magazine called me today to discuss the rare earths sector, and he told me that a Canadian company had taken out licenses to explore for rare earth deposits near Ytterby, the Swedish town where the first rare earth ore was identified in the late 18th century. He knew of at least 5 sites in Sweden currently being explored for rare earths.

I also got a call today from a person representing a Greenland focused rare earth venture who told me that his Australian company was confident that it had, in Greenland, the world's largest rare earth deposit outside of China. I'll be following up on that statement this summer.

But to put these pieces of rare earth information in perspective I think that the best rare earth item of my day, however, was the very first one i received this morning by email; It was a five page "update" to his April 27th Rare Earth Report, by Hallgarten's Chris Ecclestone. I admit that i had a couple of good chuckles from Chris' update, and i recommend that you read it too. It's on the web as  Mining: Lifecycle of the Rare Earths Players at

I don't agree with all of Chris' choices but I think his analysis is definitely to be examined closely.

Disclosure: I do not own shares of the companies directly mentioned or alluded to in this note