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Where To Invest August 2015

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$10,000 Account Traders Comments

We have one open long position:

SNSS Aug 3.00 Calls

Funds in use $ 560


Week 30 was a major disappointment on so many levels. We had a small realized loss of $171 bringing YTD gains back to $5,879. However, due to a failure to get an FDA approval (although it was approved in EU) SNSS, a stock that has performed for us repeatedly opened on Friday

@ $1.09-2.38, making our only open position worthless with no bid. This is what happens from time to time with biotech. I haven't sold the actual stock in the $100,000 account since this mirrors the move in October 2014 with similar new when the stock traded sown to $1.46 -$5.18. A month later it was $2.60 and another month later it was back over $3.00.

We have also scheduled SNSS to be on the radio show in the immediate future.

As I noted here last week, the rally continues to be focused on an ever decreasing group of big dollar stocks. Unfortunately this is one of the many signs that we are at or near a market top. The continued decline of commodities across the board is also extremely troubling. Copper, clearly one of the mainstays of economic growth has declined from almost $3.00 to close this week under $2.40, a decline of over 13% since the end of May.

Alcoa, maker of aluminum products also heavily used in aircraft and automobile production has fallen from $17 in February to close this week @ $9.81 down an astounding 42%. It seems like we have not only no inflation, but may be coming into a deflationary cycle. The public has gotten used to these type of moves, but they are really dramatic. The increase in the size of daily ranges

is not a good thing, whether you are long or short. It spells trouble...and margin calls.

I have repeatedly stressed that cutting jobs and lowering earning expectations so that the bar is set so low as to almost guarantee making numbers is a fools game. We now look at the

Dow transportation average and see the slowing of the economy reflected in its action.

While airlines have reduced costs and made flying into a hellish experience, the railroads and over

the road shippers continue to decline. It is my experience that the public will only take so much increased cost and inconvenience before it throws up its hands and says "no more." Clearly the

non-confirmation of the transports is trying to tell us something, and it's not likely to be good news...

I have added no new trades this weekend since I am not at all sure of direction. The summer is always a low volume time with added volatility and I simply don't wish to make any big mistakes.


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Sold 5 SJM August 110 Calls




225 Loss


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54 Gain


Bought 6 LULU August 60 Puts





Bought 5 SJM August 110 Calls





Bought 8 SNSS August 3 Calls




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