The Impending Move In Apple (Part 3)

Aug. 28, 2013 9:31 AM ETAAPL52 Comments
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karim pirani

December 27, 2016

Technically, Apple's chart is looking real good...

On the PnF chart, thanks to Syria, Apple not only switched back into Os, it printed 5 Os...The best analogy I can give is the spin cycle in the clothes dryer...If you know what I mean...By pulling back, AAPL was able to squeeze out a lot of the froth that was built into the stock. I was hoping for a 4-box reversal and the stock Gods rewarded us with a 5-box reversal and with the potential for another box or two...LOL! As you can see from this screen shot, this is one beautiful looking chart...It is setting up for a strong up move...

And then on the Candlestick chart, AAPL's 50 day sma is less than $15 away from colliding with its 200 day sma and light up the spark that will cause ignition...The two lines should intersect within the next 8-10 trading sessions...and the RSI has also come down from nosebleed territory...

No need to panic...but rejoice, yes!



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