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$100K ETF & ETN Challenge: Daily Log/Updates

Friday's positioning for Tuesday, when the challenge really begins):

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Friday, shortly after the regular session close (ready for Tuesday):

Tuesday: Day 1 Results & Trades


Day one was not the burst out of the gate I was hoping for (many of you will recall that I did not get off to a stellar start during the $50k Challenge, either). I made a couple of mistakes and spent a bit too much time away from the office, but am confident that the results, come end of regular session trading on Friday will be there.

Being down half a percent after day one only strengthens my resolve and I will surely be a bit more focused in the three days to come.

While it can be frustrating to put a hundred thousand to work for the better part of the day and end up down on it, it shouldn't (and won't) not discourage or distract me from the task at hand. I am well positioned for tomorrow, as from everything I could see, we are looking at a market that wants to go up and is enticing retailers to enter. Patience is the word, and I intend to maintain my discipline to accomplish my objective.

Here's to a better tomorrow!

Wednesday: Day 2

Day two was not a good one, by anyone's standards. Due to time constraints, and as evidenced by the four trades I made, I was clearly unavailable for most (almost all) of the day to be active. As such, I missed out on several opportunities to make critical trades that were there to be had to make the day a profitable one.

Wednesday: Day 2 Results & Trades


With just two days left to right this ship, I remain vigilant and expect to pull out of the red today as I begin my move towards the 10% goal. Being that this is my challenge, and my money, I may choose to extend the challenge by a day or two to accomplish my objective. I have already learned much through this process, and hope to learn more in the days ahead. Mostly though, I hope to be able to spend the time necessary to make this challenge worthwhile from a monetary standpoint.

Thursday: Day 3

Finally an up day and I'm out of the red, though no where near my 10% target. Shortly after my last "stock talk" posts yesterday, I realized that the process of posting my trades was impeding upon my ability to move in and out of the ETFs in a timely (and profitable) manner, so I gave up on that effort altogether.


To round off the rest of Thursday's trades: I saw that the market was in the process of grinding upwards, so I dumped my SQQ, VXX, TZA, and FAZ shortly after I purchased them and picked up 250 shares of FAS at $89.03, 250 shares of QQQ at $63.36 and 270 shares of TNA for $60.35. I held those bullish positions overnight and it has turned out to be a wise move (so far). I may decide to allow the challenge to carry through a full five days, so that the challenge would come to its conclusion on Monday, Feb. 27th (that is, of course, unless I meet my objective today).

Friday: Day 4

Here are the final results and trades:


I have decided to end the challenge as originally scheduled (today). I simply can't financially justify continuing it on through next week, as time is scarce, and roughly 67% of my gains for the week were realized outside of the challenge. I'm glad the week is over and I look forward to analyzing what went wrong and what went right. I took a considerable risk for a 4-day 2.76% gain and while I fell well short of my 10% goal, things could have been worse. It'll be fun writing the wrap-up tomorrow.

On to the next challenge!

- Bert