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Yahoo CEO Bartz drops the f-bomb in discussing YHOO product development

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From the very end of last night's Q1 2009 Yahoo conference call with analysts:

Carol Bartz

As far as the investment of the global platforms, you know the real important issue frankly, well there are a couple of important issues but of our reorg was to get engineering focus and it was sort of scattered to the wind, I’m not talking about an engineering center in Bangalore or whatever. I’m talking about engineers almost in every country. So a lot of what….and way too many product people. So when I say product people we sort of had a one product management person for every three engineers. So we had a lot of people running around telling engineers what to do but nobody is fucking doing anything. So, excuse me. I knew that would slip out one of these times.

So, the point of the matter, first we are getting all the engineers on the same page. We are getting rid of a lot of those product people that you know whatever. And, sizing engine by engine, how close are we…and by the way to understand this, while we are re-engineering let’s say the sports engine to be global we have to keep the sports platforms around the world running so we have kind of an overlap issue here. So therefore it just made sense to us because we have to get going on this to do this cost cutting so we can grab the right people, hire better engineers…not better, but I mean more engineers. We have good engineers but hire more of them and get them focused on the right stuff. So we are not going to give you an exact investment. I’m just going to tell you it is probably the most important thing that Yahoo! is going to do to really become a big, strong, growing international company.

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