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Zack Miller: 'Many investors don't belong in the market'

Investment advisor Zack Miller gave an interview to a Covestor member and shared some nuggets on this market, his movement toward a more quantitative approach, his Ivy League education ("Harvard didn’t offer undergraduates access to coursework or majors that actually prepared you to do something with your life."), and the logic behind asset manager blogging.

Zack also had some kind words about what we've accomplished at SA:

You have a rather unique background having been involved in the growing stages of SeekingAlpha, which as you know is a powerhouse in this industry today.  I’m sure you’d agree SA has had a significant impact to the financial community.  What was it like working at SeekingAlpha? The good and the bad?

I think Seeking Alpha changed and continues to change the way we look at financial content.  When we were sitting across the table with the senior staff of Dow Jones doing our first deal, we realized that we were on to something.  We helped legitimize non-traditional sources of financial information.  That trend is still so young.  In the early days, we had to convince our partners and prospective readers that contributors to Seeking Alpha weren’t amphetamine-popping, day traders living in the parent’s basements in the pajamas.  Now, Seeking Alpha is creating a unified communications platform designed specifically for the financial vertical.  I think it’s so powerful.