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Oil price manipulation

|Includes: Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE)

Our most popular article for the last few days has been Phil Davis' spirited critique of what he understands as a global oil scam - bankers working together to drive up the price of crude via dark pool trading on the commodities market.

InterContinentalExchange (NYSE:ICE), a focus of Phil's critique, contacted us to dispute the article. As always, we want to correct any factual errors that may exist in the article, but we haven't heard any such claims yet from ICE. ICE preferred not to work through our standard process for disputing an article (we handle 5-10 such disputes per week). Instead, ICE and Phil are going to have a call today and see if they can work out their differences of fact, if not differences of opinion. If they can't, I hope to have either an official dispute from ICE, or an article from ICE that counters Phil's - or both.

Update: See the Editor's note at the end of Phil's article.