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Shanghai Metal Exchange Market (SHMET)was founded in 2000, which is a global information company with leading market positions and recognized brands in the metal market research and consulting industry. SHMET consists of professional metal experts within the industry and serves over 100,000 companies from close to 150 countries worldwide. SHMET’s mission is to help companies in the metal and steel industry make informed business decisions, by providing accurate concluded prices, up to date news and comprehensive analysis. SHMET’s price assessments for metals are taken as benchmark prices for contracts signed by major players of the industry in the world market. has become a prestigious data source of REUTERS as fixed terminal, which is the main information platform for business partners to release and acquire trading messages as well as seeking business opportunities.


Analysis – SHMET provides comprehensive and up-to-date review and analysis on metals, which is well-sought after by, including but not limited to, producers, end-users, financial institutions, and other allied stakeholders.


Prices – Due to the mutually-reinforcing excellent relationship that exists between SHMET and major players in the metal industry across the globe, SHMET is a leading source for accurate and reliable metal prices and to which reference is made by producers, end-users, credit-lending institutions and researchers alike.

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