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Index To Tortoise Series: Dividend Income Equity Investing W/ Covered Option Writing

|Includes: BNS, BX, CM, COP, ETR, GSK, IEP, LO, MO, NTR, PM, PPL, RAI, SO, AT&T Inc. (T), VZ

This is an index of articles in my continuing series on building a portofolio of Dividend Income Equities and boosting yield while lowering market risk using covered option writing.

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Part 1: Why You Should Invest Like A Tortoise, Not Like A Hare

Part 2: $3/Day Can Buy $192,000 Annual Tax-Free Income Using This Strategy

Part 3: Tortoise Strategy: Part 3 - Building Your $192,000 Tax-Free Annual Income Portfolio

Part 4: Tortoise: Part 4- Evaluating GlaxoSmithKline, Bad Medicine To Invest In Right Now

Part 5: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 5 - Buy Verizon Or Get Paid 12.8% Annual Yield Not To

Part 6: Tortoise: Part 6 BNS 4.0% Dividend Yield Rises to 7.78% Using This Strategy

Part 7: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 7 - Buy Altria For 5.0% Yield. Add 11.35% Boost With Calls

Part 8: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 8 - Don't Buy Philip Morris Now At 4.7% Yield. Get Paid 9.7% To Wait

Part 9: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 9 - AT&%, Double The Dividend And Cut Market Risk 3%

Part 10: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 10 - ConocoPhillips, Owners Can Double The Dividend Income

Part 11: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 11 - Reynolds American, A 33.41% Locked In Yield Rate

Part 12: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 12 - Entergy, The Tortoise Beats The Energy Bunny

PART 13: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 13 - Southern Company Pays 4.7% Dividend. You Can Get 16.64%

PART 14: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 14 - PPL Corporation Owners Can Boost Yield 40.67%

Part 15: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 15 - 4 Ways Lorillard Pays You Cash Now

Part 16: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 16 - CM Dividend Is 4.07%. You Can Get 7.61% If You Buy Now

Part 17: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 17 - Icahn Enterprises Owners Can Boost Yield 131%

Part 18: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 18 - Why Blackstone Group LP Is A Buy Now

Part 19: The Tortoise Strategy: Part 19 - Potash Corp., Fertilizer Or Just A Load Of Manure?

Ford Motor Co. - A True Tortoise

See The GODs index for a continuation beyond this series.

Do You Suffer From Investor ADHD? An extension to the Tortoise series discusses managing systemic risk by time and diversity and shows a statistical analysis of the benefits of adding years to your investment horizon and more components for diversity.

Disclosure: I am long T, LO, RAI.

Additional disclosure: This is an ongoing series, my positions in tickers as well as long or short bias with covered option writing may very over time.

Disclosure: I am/we are long T, MO, VZ, PM.

Additional disclosure: Disclosures are made on each particular article as of the time it was written.