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Well Obama , G.S. ,and BNP P. set everyone up ....each and every day I lose more and more confidence in the markets..which is too bad as I enjoy the art of stock analysis/cash flow models/ p/e  etc .  But it looks to me that the computer systems and big brother have all the power. I have recently cashed in on all my stock positions and am currently in gold and short the overall markets. I do not even feel comfortable with shorting the markets as I believe big brother can move it up 1000 points at will before crashing it 4000. It is truly a shame. I have been watching Marc Faber/Schiff/et all and they all make too much sense. I also quite enjoy Phil Davis- he seems to have a good sense of it all.  So enough of this where does one invest now.... unfortunately I'm thinking low income rental housing could be my most safest, most controllable asset - so I'm planning on paying cash to buy out the rest of my mortgage on my Toronto 5 unit property , and finding another modest rental income house. So how sad is that ? ..paying off my 2.0% interest mortgage.  Why would I think I could compete with the stick saves and trade-bots ? ...I cant tell if rampant inflation or Japanese style deflation will come next....sure as heck it won't be the US deleveraging and regulating in a timely and fiscally responsable manner.   Even if my house get cut in half in value....I still get rent , which to me is just like a dividend or bond payment. I believe the housing market is too big and complex to manipulate as easily as paper assets. Plus  .. I need a place to store my gold and silver bars  - like buried in the ground   lol  ...good luck all    ... B.

Disclosure: long gold /short nasdaq