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Rupert Murdoch News Media Solution

|Includes: Fox Entertainment Group, Inc. (FOX), GOOG, NWS

Rupert Murdoch has enough cash to save the global news media Industry as an astute Billionaire Business Man, but what he appears to be lacking despite years of International experience is a viable long-tail online global news media strategy that works.

Murdoch may have missed the golden opportunity back in 2005 when talks of Murdoch buying Blinkx were circulating. This would have given Fox the search and video strategic arsenal against Google's YouTube purchase in 2006. This proves at the time Murdoch was thinking right he just did not follow through on the purchase of Blinkz - what a mistake!  Murdoch, opted instead for the purchase of the Wall St Journal who Murdoch turned around out of its $80 Million Dollar hole. 

In 2010, Murdoch has opted for "Pay-walls" to be erected in what appears to be a desperate attempt rather than a calculated strategic business move against Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft to force the sale of news content online. This simply will not work! For reasons too long to list but centrally online news is now PEOPLE of the world. And once people not just journalists can use their cell-phones, blogs, Twitter and IPads to write and post fresh news like bread in an oven daily, Rupert Murdoch does not stand a chance in charging or monopolizing the global tweets, blogs, content or news media. Even if Murdoch purchases every news media company in the world he would still not control world news.  

Fox News announced it was taking on Google back in November of 2009. This is a good move but the 'way' in which Fox is going about it pointing fingers and blame at Google and building PayWalls is surely not the best or professional approach. Fox News should have learned from its mistake not to purchase Blinkz and now create global strategic alliances or better still take on Google in the area where it makes 99.9% of its revenue SEARCH

Some industry officials would laugh at the thought of Fox News now entering the search market alone but I believe Rupert Murdoch with the right "team" would scare Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook and Google if he can just get the search design right. I know what I would do and believe me there are enough niche topics and strategies Murdoch could compete on. I really do not feel Google, Microsoft or Yahoo has the creme-de-la-creme untouchable search engine design yet. They can't have, as Google and Microsoft now understand that search engines made of HTML will not remain static. Hence, they are out around the world window shopping and investing in MA's and TO's to bolster their brand, profits and global market-share's. This is smart thinking and planning not just where we are now but where is competition, technology and the people going and lets get their first.

Murdoch, has the golden opportunity of a lifetime to get in the Internet race, save the News Media and firmly compete against Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook but will Fox do it right or again miss the boat. Murdoch needs to hire me.

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