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Google versus China Internet

The Google China and perhaps European Internet, WIFI, snooping or censorship issues may have just started. Governments have long been the “superpowers” of our world and when foreign technological or non-technological cultures and opposing religions impose their influences, power and ideologies whether direct or in-direct resistance is near.

Google is definitely posing multiple competitive and cultural threats to any government! One must remember China is a communist country and any country, product or service should respect the “culture” of a country. This is fundamental marketing principles when the 4 P’s: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, become’s 7 P’s adding Packaging, Positioning and People. So can Google influence or win most People of the world? This is the multi-billion dollar question! Will China embrace or ban Google once and for all? I believe China will ban Google for good. This will happen soon perhaps in 2011. China has been a communist state since 1949 and does not intend on changing regardless of the power of the Internet or technology. 

China, looks likely to adopt or design its own Internet is this possible? Could China actually challenge Google? Baidu.Com could become Google’s challenge and China’s savior from western technological influence.

From the above article back in 2007, China granted Baidu.Com a license to become a news portal. Then in 2010, China sent a direct competitive message to Google announcing the Chinese search engine would be called ChoogleIn the above article a Chinese Premier states: “This will generate tremendous employment for our people. After a lots of Chinese products rejected by west in light of recession, this will be a boon for us.” said Chinese Premiere Wen Jiabao. 

This is a clear sign of technological combat. Google now has to bolster itself for real Chinese competition one not to be taken lightly. I also feel India could pose a serious threat to Google. This is regardless of how many Indians Google already employs or Indian companies it acquires. One thing I have learned about most cultures especially Asian, African, Indian, Arab or Italian “cultures” they are loyal only to their own.

Google has been fighting many Internet, Black-Hat, Russian and Hacker wars from its birth so Google can sure compete, innovate and war but China and India have the software intelligence and billions of consumer powers. Google more needs to impact China and India as China and India with the right search engine in English and languages of the world could easily impact the USA and rest of the world. This could deplete Google and reduce its dominance of 65% of search.

In 2009, China furiously blasted Google accusing its search engine of providing pornography and politically sensitive search information.  Google fired back by demonstrating how Baidu.Com breaks more of the rules Google is being accused of. This is just the start of the Internet war between Google and China. Who will win is anyone’s guess but one thing for sure Google has a fight on its hands and one that cannot be ignored. China already has 420 Million Internet users and China intends on keeping them for its education, profit and GDP supply.



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