02-05-11 How to Invest and Trade Stocks Comprehensive Library of Articles and Videos

Feb. 05, 2011 12:59 PM ET
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Don’t Take Losses, JD is a full-time investor and trader of primarily common stocks and ETFs, in taxable trading, trust and retirement accounts. He uses technical and fundamental top down analysis based on a modified Dow Theory Trend analysis. . He is founder of the www.InvestorTradeStocksPreview.com daily blog providing critical thinking intraday as the market evolves, as well as longer term investment views. Our members trade stocks and options, post their ideas and benefit from our nightly and weekend market analysis. Our 15 sector Focus Worksheets of from 12 to 50 stocks allows us to always have something that is working in an uptrending market. If its not uptrending ,we like Cash... Don't tired, as many, of being whipsawed by algorithmic black box trading of hedge funds and large money managers, and the excuses of those to whom money was entrusted. He was determined to study and learn to personally protect and grow his wealth in a world of ruthless and reckless markets. Don’t, degreed in Economics, Finance and Law, was a Certified Corporate Bankruptcy Specialist. In his 20+ year international practice he had key representations in some of the messiest financial reorganizations, such as Debtor counsel in the Mrs. Fields Cookies tax/recapitalization and delisting from the London Stock Exchange, the swing vote on the Official Creditors Committee of MCORP, the $32 Billion multi MBank seizure by the Feds, America West, Eastern Airlines. Circle K, Checker Auto Parts (now part of O'Reilly's) and World Color Press LBO/MBO Chapter 11 Committees. Don’t helped develop early CDO and CMO structured financing derivatives, negotiating structure and providing bankruptcy opinions to Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. He provided deal restructure and litigation representation to two Trillion dollar Chinese national import/export enterprises, COFCO (Chinese national Cereal, Oil and Foodstuffs) and MinMetals (Chinese national Minerals and Metals), in ill-advised US ventures, in the process learning first-hand the Chinese government way. Don’t draws on these unique legal-financial representations with his study of comparative economics, antitrust, constitutional and bankruptcy laws into an understanding of the intertwined impact of international currency, commodity, debt and financial markets. His top down approach is necessary due to the extreme leveraged debt legally encouraged, assumed and still being worked-out by regulators, Wall Street and main street. Had legislators simply limited leverage incurred by homeowners and investment banks to 10 to 1 (i.e., a 9% down payment or capitalization) our world would be different. They did not, and we are left with the carnage through which to navigate. Don’t claims no special expertise in stock markets and trading, but uses his ability to critically evaluate Index and stock charts and financial statements. Having invested with Ken Heebner, studied from Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, the tactics of Carl Icahn, Michael Milken, Peter Lynch, Jim Cramer, ECRI’s Lakshman Achuthan and having taken over 200 hours of technical trading training, Don’t has formulated trading techniques and rules premised on his trademarked approach, Don’t Take Losses. Intentionally simplistic, Don't forms independent views and actionable trading and investment ideas which he shares with you. Don't does not manage others’ money; he has no undisclosed interests. He refuses to take losses, the key to preserving and growing wealth. Navigating through the tech bubble, the 9/11 melt down and the 6-8% daily volatility in 2009 that lead to the collapse of the SPX to 666. Don’t Take Losses writes and blogs to help those who feel they need an unbiased voice who has undertaken to teach himself to trade with proper risk management. Don't does not manage money, he has no undisclosed interest. PS: And a big Arizona Cardinals fan. How can you not be? http://www.investortradestockspreview.com/

This video outlines the huge library of articles and videos we've created over the last 2+ years on how to invest and trade in a maket dominated by HFT programs and Hedge Funds. Did you get drilled when the market collapsed 2 years ago? Are you still on the sidelines or always playing defense? Are you afriad to make money?

We show you how it works, what works and provide the daily, intraday and weekly feedback and guidance to keep you in the market when its right, and alert you to get out when Big $$ is leaving. Do the work with the homework we've already done. It will give you the confidence to be in this bull market and be in sync when the pullbacks inevitably come. 

DontTakeLosses: investortradestocks@cox.net
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DontTakeLosses
You Tube:http://www.youtube.com/user/DontTakeLosses#p/a Copyright/Trademark protected http://investortradestocksfreetrial.blogspot.com/

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