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10-08-10 BIDU AKAM ADBE XME $SPX DontTakeLosses Weekend Stock Market Recap

On either link you can see our analysis for the week in review and plan for the week ahead.

We analyze which sector is setting up and which is lifting off. We have 19 stocks popping out of volatility squeeze, these are our Twitter Alerts on our portfolio. The member's only video is available and all memeber content is free, for one week, just e-mail me for access:
  • 43 of our 49 are cranking it baby.Too mnay strong stocks.Go figure. #in #stocks #stockmarket #daytrading #mkt #IRA #GOP about 12 hours ago
  • We are making money,set up for a great week, see the plan, free trial #in #stocks #stockmarket #daytrading #mkt #IRA #GOP about 12 hours ago
  • 2 @ resistance, 2 consolidating 2 me thinks will drop like a rock. #in #stocks #stockmarket #daytrading #mkt #IRA #GOP about 12 hours ago
  • 7 more just starting to poip from volatility squeezes, 8 more running away, 9 more bouncing off support #in #stocks #stockmarket #daytrading #mkt #IRA #GOP about 12 hours ago
  • We have 19 stocks rising from volatility squeezes #in #stocks #stockmarket #daytrading #mkt #IRA #GOP "

  • DontTakeLosses:
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  • A Preview of our Trading Rules and Approach:
    Trading Rule #1: DontTakeLosses. We structure our entries and exits so we do not start with a loss. We do not go red in a positon to establish it. This is key. We do not hold a position that pulls back to a loss. We sell, using stop losses order and outright sell orders in certain aggressive downtrends. This is so in our active accounts AND in our IRAs. We do not take losses. Period.

    We Twitter & Intraday Blog Market Updates, Nightly Recap, Weekend Video with Updated Trading Plans

    Trading Rule #2: We do pick stocks, but the price at which we buy is more important than the stock we own. Our trading skills help us protect and grow our IRA and Bank accounts. We share what we have learned. Please look around. There is a wealth of content, including IRA Investment and Cash Managment articles Indexed and archived over the months. You can also catch our weekend video updates on You Tube, follow us on Twitter all day long for key news and view our intraday chart analysis with intraday market takes.

    I combine fundamental & technical analysis with humility, prudence and guts. I am not an analyst. I invest full time, for a living. My analysis is made with my money on the line. Do you want my job? Are you willing to dig in? I can help you learn the disciplines, tactics, cash management skills and proper intraday use of margin.

    Trading Rule #3: We NEVER go to bed in debt. Period.

    Got a question, got a comment on what you want to see or how I can do better, want to know more about my coaching lessons (see the tabbed link just above the first blog post), please feel free to send me an e-mail. You may also post a comment or question on this page. Now, let's make some money.

Disclosure: long BIDU AKAM XME