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10-22-10: We don't give buy or sell advice, but I did say take the $$ when up 400% on short term buy...(RVBD, SOHU):

Hey Cakbury: thanks for the kind comments!
This am: "Cakbury said...
Hi, I think this service is a give away I paid what 29 dlls and I just got profits for the next three years, I got RVBD when it was at 43 or something, I bought the dec options and I am like 400% up or so, no kidding!!! now shall we sell here? this thing is like 20% up in a day,have no idea what to do, if I sell I have the cash lol if not is just paper profit, I appreciate comments for all of you suscribers because I know you had some, and the host always love RVBD ..."

The Membership is priced low to attract and build membership. Unfortunately, it is going very slowly. We are beating every Index and making money (like RVBD, just  look at SOHO which I featured a week ago) but I guess this Club is just too well kept of a secret. I do what I can to expose it with Twitter, You Tube, Seeling Apha, TradingViews but its a slow go.

So, we'll just keep plugging away.  Thanks again!

Disclosure: Long all mentioned

Disclosure: long SOHU RVBD