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$HIG $GPOR: Investing vs trading, how we do both.

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GPOR HIG: Keep reminding myself: patience. Here are a couple good lessons for me.
I keep watching HIG, wanting it to get going. But I only bought it 3 weeks ago, and am up 7.3%. Not bad for 3 weeks. I push myself to maximize returns, but also, like GPOR, know I need to let them work.
Re GPOR: Just shows setups are fine, but strong stocks are strong stocks and you gotta gulp and buy them on the big dip, and try to hold on when they run. After a profit stop @ 37 bucks, I bought dip yesterday in Cash account.
But in my IRA I have had a full position for a month. My IRA stop loss order was "lucky", but perfect, 8%. GPOR went down 7.5% and bounced hard (4.5% today). I'm back up 24% in IRA, that's text book how we let them ride...wit a bit o luck of the Irish.

I always remind myself of Hawthorne's poem: "Happiness is like a butterfly, if you chase it, it flitters away...but if you sit quietly, it may alight upon you." I'm just sitting on the IRA, letting it work, and sharpening my buy list for that last 20% or so Cash.

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