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Black Monday Coming? Are Political Correctness and populist politics the largest part of what's wrong in America...

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Black Monday Coming? Political correctness and populist politics are the largest part of what's wrong in America...
...that happens to be what I think, but far more importantly it is what BIG money thinks and they are voting with the sell button. We may not be done going down. The market has a way to fight back against N'Obama. The market is truth.

Big money simply takes their money and goes home. I think that is what's coming and I feel insecure being 30% long. Again...the message from N'Obama was full speed ahead with his perceived ideological mandate, after and despite the wake up call from the voters and Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

N'Obama's Chicago arrogance will be a death knell for the Dems and their absurd social engineering while Rome burns. But fortunes can be lost while this plays out. I for one don't intend to step in front of the freight train. Tightening stops on my IRAs too. I won't ride this down to the 900s while these idiots fight it out. We could see a technical bounce Monday...or we could ride down 500 Dow points.

Nimble is the word for Monday. I will jump back in but pull the plug if or when the rally falters...that is, if we even get one

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