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01-27-10 Market Recap and Trading Plan:

After 3 huge down days and 3 very choppy days...we bounced. It was meaningful. Big money finally came in after days of selling and absence, in response to N'Obama's ill conceived, mistakenly perceived as populist and stupid anti-recovery tirade against Wall Street. So they sent the amateur a message.
A friend asked me tonight, how do you know when the big money comes in. Here was my response:
"Big money are the only ones who can push the market up or down in a material fashion. Retail just doesn’t have enuff money. Hedge funds can move a few stocks with leverage and shorting but by and large the mutual funds and very large money managers decide if the overall market moves up or down.
I could feel the money come in today...if you look at the 5 minute chart over 2-3 days…look for the green bars and the volume…SNDK is the perfect example. Big money decides if we go up or down, we just follow them up and get out the way on the down. I had 14 placeholders, they all started to move up…so I jumped in."
Here is what I bought: ANR, BUCY, AGU, CRM, HIG, MA, RVBD, SNDK, STX, VMW, XME. I missed CIEN and FITB, but still have placeholders and will look to buy a pullback. 
I day traded UYM for a few bucks. Its 2x so I close out at end of day. #1 trading rule: Never go to bed with leverage on the sheets. 
Tomorrow? 41.Thats all we need to know. N'Obama = No Clout. Because of #41 from Massachusetts. The market knows it, so the speech is irrelevant to tomorrow's trading.

Disclosure: Long all mnetioned