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10-02-10 DontTakeLosses Stock Market Index Recap and Outlook for Next Week 

Check out the link to a free 11 minute video recap on my You Tube channel, looking forward to next week. Heard of an ascending triangle? We got 'em in spades. What's it mean? Opportunity knocks...

Hey, we're fundamental analysis based. So, why do we care about technicals? Because 70% of the market volume trades by algorythm ...based on technicals...they're drivng the truck folks.

We do these free each weekend, soem free night time stock spotlights vids and offer a one week free trial to our member site (only $29/mth) with 4 or 5 weekend videos, nightly recpas, intraday blogs al day long and private stock alerts. tr it free for a week. E-mail me for an invite e-mail from the Google admin:

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