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Just how big IS a TRILLION???

When discussing the national debt crisis, it amazes me how easily most Americans can talk about  a 13 trillion dollar debt without falling out of their chairs. Is it because they don’t realize the severity of the issue or because the average American does not come across the word trillion in their daily vocabulary? Either way it is a problem and it has become the new norm for sovereign nations to run up their national debt to astronomical numbers, while clueless citizens sit back and accept it as a normal course of action. In doing so, it's as though it's suppose to be this way, until it impacts the people so badly that it sparks levels of anarchy. (See Greece).
How big is a 13 trillion dollar debt? If I had a magical printing press, (like the one sitting in the white house) and I printed one dollar every second of every day of every year, it would take me over 400,000 years to pay off the current publicized debt. This would be the case, of course, only if the debt wasn't compiling interest. That would be the case, of course, if they excluded unfunded liabilities like social security, medicaid, medicare and military retirement benefits. When we factor in these obligations, the real debt is over 80 trillion dollars, running interest.

So the question is; How long would it take for us to print our way out of this 80 trillion dollar national debt?  The answer: over 1.6 million years if we printed one dollar for every single second that passed; amazing, but true.
We must be accountable for our own future and finances. There has never been a time where it has been more important to own precious metals. They are the safe haven you seek against this economic terrorism which has been put upon us. If history were to repeat itself (note: 1971-1980) we will attempt to print our way out of this mess which will eventually lead to hyperinflation. Our government will prevail in printing its way into a financial tsunami and precious metals will be our online lifeline left. If you are interested in speaking with a bullion specialist please give us a call at 1-888-611-8354 and feel free to visit our website at thank you.
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