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If you hold physical bullion, you will hold power.

We are a wealth preservation firm that offers financial protection through the ownership of physical bullion. What makes us different from other precious metal institutions is that we not only provide the metal directly to your door, (unlike those that issue certificates) but we will offer you our knowledge and constant updated materials pertaining to the precious metals industry.
At Royal Sovereign we believe in the long term benefits; as long as the dollar continues to decline, and it will, as we have a deficit of trillions of dollars, gold and silver will continue to rise.
It is important to diversify with all types of assets. With that said, we suggest that 20% of your wealth should be invested in precious metals. It is like an insurance policy to keep you safe and hedge you against economic uncertainty.
            Banks like JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are short 325,000,000 ounces of silver  that they will eventually have to cover. The only way to  go about doing so is to purchase it back in the open market. If you hold    
            physical bullion you will hold power. Seventy  years ago the above ground            world silver supply was 10 billion ounces; today that same inventory consists of only 1 billion ounces. The rate at which the world consumes  silver far surpasses the production of silver mining. Many are not aware of this situation and therefore do not act. Now is the time to jump on the precious metals boat; it is sailing far with or without you, so educate and  appreciate with Royal Sovereign Bullion Group.