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Marijuana Stock, Livewire Ergogenics & Investing While Avoiding SEC Issues.

|About: Livewire Ergogenics, Inc. (LVVV), Includes: FITX, HEMP, MJNA, PHOT


Most ALL Marijuana Stocks are Tiny OTC Penny Stocks that are Full of Cheerleaders and No Earnings or Value whatsoever!

Some people will tell You Outstanding Shares, Market Cap, Earnings and Debt or Convertibles don't matter This is just Simply wrong and can lose you money!

Most any company that's involved in Marijuana will Be hidden in a Shell game of Worthless shells or Corps that Shields the Parent Company from Liability!

Picking Carefully is VERY Important as we have seen over time with so Many of these sort of Stocks out there right now Up & Down.

FITX, MJNA, HEMP, LVVV, CBIS, PHOT & Other Pot Stocks look to Dominate this Industry through plans of attack .

Someone tell JR Ewing Marijuana is the New Oil!!

Companies like Hemp INC (OTCPK:OTCPK:HEMP), Creative Edge Nutrition (OTCPK:OTC:FITX), Medical Marijuana INC (OTCPK:OTCPK:MJNA), and, up until Recently probably the Most Popular of all, Growlife (Grey Market:OTCQB:PHOT).

There are SO Many more; some are GREAT some are NOT. However, since so many are Pink Sheet etc., some float to the Top by just being a Step or 2 above that on the OTC. Lets Face, it in the world of Social Media things Grow and Rumors fly an entirely Different way then they did 20 years ago, or Even 10 Years ago. Problem is that the Rumors and Lies fly around SO much more than the truth because there is little information out there on Most of these Stocks.

All of the ones I Named Above, I own. Although, I may sell them tomorrow, however, the way things Move lately I may buy them right back the next day. I like Pot Stocks, that's about all there is to it!

There is yet another door into this Industry that is largely unknown, and that is one of the main things I will show you in this Article. Out of Hundreds of companies claiming to be Big in Marijuana Investment, I will show you a Few that, through my learning, I think are Hot and Worth your time to look into.

Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. (OTCPK:)

Wow, What a deal here! This represents one of the worst mistakes I made on unfortunately Not buying enough..

When I was buying LVVV, FITX, and other Stocks I believed they were good Stocks, so I bought about $100,000 worth of LVVV between .014 and .035, and at the same time Buying $4500.00 or so of FITX at .0013 to .0035. LOL! WOW! If I could only Reverse that move.

Although LVVV is a Solid Company and a Good investment, we all know that FITX went past .10 on the news, like 80 Times on your money and it seems to have a nice range now, from .055 to .07, somewhere in there with A Lot of upside to it.

  • They have a ton of products that they offer
  • They offer Work Out plans, Nutrition plans, and Supplement plans
  • Offer multiple Cynergy natural hemp products
  • They are offered for sale on a number of big time websites plus numerous others.
  • The have developed 5 product categories to help performance - Lean, Energy, Essentials, Mass, Naturals.
  • Oh Yea... BTW, FITX also Sells Weed!!

FITX is at the Forefront of the actual Marijuana Business. Make sure and look up Bill Cynergy on Facebook, and see some of the Pictures the CEO shares on his account. Simply stated, it's AWESOME what they are working on and this one has people & management talking about Up listing to NASDAQ, and, honestly, they may just have what it takes. That would be HUGE! Meanwhile, they steadily Build towards this by adding big names like lawmakers and Doctors to their Board of Directors. A Board of Directors???? WOW! Yeah, Imagine that with a OTC... ;-)

Make sure and Research FITX. They are Legally able to Send weed through the mail in Canada and to countries Overseas. The facility they have setup to do this is simply AMAZING, and this is defiantly one to keep your eyes on!

It is important to remember that FITX is one of the very very few that will actually be selling pot... Maybe even the only one on this list!

Here is one of my Buys at .0011, and I bought right around 2 million shares.. I wish I would have Sold the Ranch and invested it then...

It is Pretty Low compared to the High and this one should definitely be looked into Check out the Chart Below and Do it!!

FITX Chart

FITX data by YCharts

Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTCPK:)

WOW, If you haven't heard of MJNA and you invest in Pot Stocks you better get your Playbook back out, and study for about a year or 2 before investing another Dollar... ;-)

Seriously though, MJNA is the West Coast Original and likely more connected and setup than any other Pot Stock out there. They have been around the longest and have a VAST Portfolio of Brands and Products that they either Own or have the Exclusive Marketing rights to. They have created a web on Businesses that, I believe, could really spur the whole market over time.

Hopefully you know of the Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO). They make their oil, and all the Products they have are made using their oil. RSHO is the Purest and the Best form of CBD out there that is legal in all states. The Products they are making from this are top notch and they are definitely towards the top of the stack here in this Industry.

Its Important to know that the Products that MJNA sells are NOT Marijuana or THC in any way shape or form. MJNA sells CBD, which is derived from Hemp Completely legally, and to be honest not anywhere near as in style as THC. However, Most everyone out there has no clue what they are investing in, let alone the differences of Hemp & Marijuana.. Heck, its all Cannabis to them- LOL! Now, that there is Funny! ;-)

The first company publicly traded started by Industry Giant Bruce Perlowin. (more on him later) MJNA has some big irons in the fire that's for sure. One of the newer things announced was their formation of "HempWire" with Livewire Ergogenics. Its a 50/50 Partnership taking advantage of MJNA's access to it's own quality CBD oil and LiveWire's Manufacturing Capabilities. This is a Win-Win, I think, and I actually have owned these two stocks LONG before they created this Venture, and am a big fan of both.

Ok, YES, I saved the Best for last on MJNA. The Biggest thing going on with MJNS, and perhaps soon the Biggest thing in the whole Industry is "KannaWay". Haven't heard of KannaWay yet?? You Will... Its getting Bigger by the hour.

Make sure and see the Kannaway Facebook page.

To Boot they are getting ready to spin out a subsidiary CanChew Biotechnologies, so there's some More to investigate on this one!

MJN Chart

MJN data by YCharts

In the Chart above you can plainly see that MJNA is on the way UP right now Regardless of Volume!!

Hemp Inc. (OTCPK:)

Here it is, Bruce Perlowin's Second Publicly traded company and quite a difference in Structure and Plan compared to MJNA. This is a VERY interesting company, to say the very least. Bruce Perlowin is one of the Most Unique people you will have the opportunity to read about. CLICK HERE to see his Personal Website!

Below are just SOME of the things going on, starting just 5 months ago, and SO MUCH more has happened!

  1. - Hemp is working towards a green future and trying to expand it's infrastructure in preparation of a complete legalization of marijuana and hemp.
  2. Marijuana Inc. - a company that sees the benefits that may be derived from the many uses for industrial hemp and recognizes that profits that could be made.
  3. Marijuana Inc. TV - is a film production company focusing on bringing the best in cannabis information and entertainment to its viewers.
  4. Herbagenix - committed to bringing the most effective and healthful Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals to an appreciative market.
  5. ECO Harmony - Loyalty card making with numerous benefits for you and even earn rebates for charities if you choose.
  6. Basic Hemp - Super Botanical Hemp Protein Mix
  7. Bio Swan - The first spin-off company all natural formulations and modalities designed to increase the body's production of pluripotent adult stem cells.
  8. Your Bev - developed a method of making new Fossil Waterâ„¢ from a base of purified water.

And Much Much More! HEMP Just announced a 7 Figure deal investing in the Banking Industry. Bruce is building a Strong company here! Actually if you look at their newest 10Q Released last Week- WOW!- it is looking good, and I mean Good!!!

So much here and at this point they are even getting ready to "Spin Out" a few corps to shareholders, and "Split", etc. So look for that in the PR's, News, and 8k's that Hemp Inc. has released.

HEMP Defiantly deserves a "Look See" And Some Due Diligence, this may be a great one..;-)

HEMP Chart

HEMP data by YCharts

Growlife Inc. (Grey Market:)

Growlife Inc. YES! The one that was HALTED by the SEC. Why would I talk about them??- LOL Well, i have been a HUGE fan since .03 cents or so and then again a even Bigger fan when I saw it touch .06 last week!! I think they are in a VERY Unique position! Growlife is a Well Established Company and have Done a Number of Very Fine Buyouts that Scream Vertical Integration at its Finest! I believe the Management here Has a Plan and is Very Focused on a Specific Outcome. They are into a bunch of different fields and have a number of different companies and products that they offer.

  1. GROWLIFE HYDROPONICS owns and operates seven specialty hydroponics stores in the following markets CA, CO, MA, NH, and ME.
  2. By gardeners - For gardeners.
  4. PhotoTron - Been around for 25 years and manufactures complete plant growing systems
  5. - an information portal for the medical marijuana industry hosted and developed by GrowLife, Inc.
  6. Stealth Grow - leading USA based manufacturer of hi powered LED lights for indoor growing
  7. SGSENSORS.COM is an operating division of SG Technology that manufactures and markets wireless monitoring and control equipment to operate all major grow room functions.
  8. GROWLIFE PRODUCTIONS is a hard driven business unit dedicated to promotion of GrowLife's core brands through co-production and co-sponsorship of entertainment, lifestyle, music and film events across the country.

There are many more reasons why this could be the Biggest one EVER, and here they are...

1. The SEC Halted Trading of PHOT and After a 2-3 week Suspension they were again allowed to trade freely albeit on the Grey Market right now..... Point is... They Were Checked out and Everything came out OK They are Essentially one of the Only Pot Stocks out there that sort of have the SEC seal of approval in a way..;-)

2. Is a Direct result of #1 PHOT fell to .06 from .77 losing 93%+ of its Value... This is just too much possibly... They were being compared to Blue Chip companies and shoved onto the news one day and halted the next... Do some research because there is some Serious value here I think and It will be worth your time to check them out!

PHOT Chart

PHOT data by YCharts

WOW! What a Chart that is... .06 was a Complete Steal last week!!

LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc (OTCQB:OTCPK:LVVV)

Livewire Ergogenics is a Very odd situation that I have been following for Quite some time now. They make LiveWire Energy Chews that You can see on the Company Website at I can Honestly say their main product is Awesome and tastes great. If you get the chance to try it, you should. Back in September, I really started following and buying LVVV in a Big way. I actually called the Company and went and met with the CEO Bill Hodson and Interviewed him for My YouTube Channel, I REALLY Liked what I heard and how he answered any & all my questions. Then I REALLY started buying. About 4% of all Outstanding shares.. Well, then over time they issued more, and that amount is likely more like 2.5% or so of the Outstanding shares.

However, I am not here to tell you about show muck this or how much that. I am here to tell you why I think its Oversold, Undervalued & about a week to a Month away from Something Popping off some way or another.

Yes, like I said, the Product is Great! In fact, I need one right now!

One thing that Livewire has that is often Overlooked is a Delivery system for basically ANY Ingredient that you may want to put in it. WOW... From the first time I met Bill I think my third question was "Hey, What about RSHO CBD Oil from MJNA?" That was January, and back then that's when everyone would say "CB What Good Buddy Breaker Breaker". Over the Next few months, it became Unavoidable as they got a Medical Marijuana Interest, and it just seemed to make sense I guess and -BAMMO- here Comes the CBD.

(click to enlarge)Livewire Energy CBD Marijuana Stock

And That's where things got Sticky! (No pun intended) OK, So LiveWire decides to use CBD and Pursue Medical Marijuana Markets in California and where legal, Creating a place where many of these companies are either in or out, and a Sham or for Real. This is the Problem that faces Marijuana.... Legality on a Federal level.

Let's face it, Although it's Wrong, Pot is not legal at this time ANYWHERE on a Federal Level.... And, although it's likely the Biggest hit Denver has seen since John Elway... Marijuana Medical or Recreational is Illegal. If this was not a issue, Believe me, People would be buying their weed from RJ Reynolds and Starbucks already. However, your not going to see the Big Boys sticking their toes in the water anytime too soon. In fact, this seems to be the main reason LVVV not Selling Retail The New Product yet. However, MJNA and others are... Shell Companies.

If you have NOTHING to lose... Well, "Legal" Weed is the Industry for you NO DOUBT!!!

If you have ANY Assets You Value or are worth anything own, Businesses etc... Well Marijuana is NOT the Business for you!

Click HERE to see a Video where I bought about 800,000 Shares of LVVV in a Day and It was NOT Easy, and I Am not up so much on it anymore. However, I really think this stock is VERY undervalued!

Playing the Shell Game right!

The way these Companies are ALL mostly getting around it is, #1 Either doing Business in Canada like FITX is doing, OR #2 Playing the Shell Game.....

The Shell game is the Preferred Choice for Any and All who may want to shield themselves from Liability, and at the same time Profit in the Questionable business. In the End, if you win, ALL THE GLORY IS YOURS!! If you Lose, well, you can just leave it be. No harm, no foul. It does NOT affect the parent company... Let the shell Crash and Burn. It was Cheap Insurance and a Nice addition to the bottom line in the meanwhile.

Right Now, anyone could go buy a shell company for Between $150,000 to -Well, as high as you are Stupid, I guess. Sky is the Limit, However, Most are in the range of $150,000 to $1,000,000, just depending on the setup how much Debt and Convertible debt is outstanding Judgments Assets, Oh god, the list goes on and on...

SO- All of these companies are playing a shell game and the MAIN Reason is if the Government takes 'em down, they still have their Core Business!

Apple Rush Inc. (OTCPK:OTCPK:APRU) is What has made LVVV Tank.

In the case of LVVV, they decided to buy out a Dog of a Stock APRU. From Questionable Management to Debt Lawsuits and Corps Falling out of good standing like Prices Falling at Walmart.. But it's a Shell and they Just completed the "Takeover" and now own 77% of the Company. PLUS there is 5 Million more Super Preferred Shares that can be Converted and up their stake to Well over 90% Ownership according to the 10K report.

The Bad news for APRU is the Dilution for Current Stockholders by 80% or more!

LVVV Just Converted 5 Million of the 10 Million Super Preferred Shares in APRU that it had Giving LVVV about 17 Billion Common Shares and leaving Around a Few Million in Convertible Debt and other Debt out there Convertible at .00001 or 50% of Market. So Although the APRU share count is around 22 Billion, the extra Super Preferred puts it at around 31 billion Shares Outstanding, and with the conversion of say 1.5 mil at 50% of a last 10day avg is 4.5 Billion more shares.

This put APRU just North of 36 Billion Outstanding on a limit of 50 Billion to Issue. Click HERE to see the 8k for this Information. and Again YES I Count the Extra Issued Super Preferred Shares that LVVV got from the Corr Family.

With the cleanup of APRU by LVVV it would just make sense to do a Reverse Split. This stock has FAR too many outstanding shares and to be taken seriously it will be needed. Although, really it matters all but none. In the end the company was just floating for 2-4 Years -What does it matter now. LVVV can use APRU as a shell And Profit from it for years to come at some point it has to be good for APRU heck the way speculation goes even this mention could make it go up LOL. Yes LVVV Will also be able to use Past losses to write off Future Profits... Oh Yes, Profits.

LVVV has had quarter over quarter Revenue increases of about 450%..

WOW... Click HERE to see the 10q on this.

This was Mostly from Smaller distributors and a Grass Roots Effort By MANY Distributors and Subscribers that I know on My YouTube Channel and on IHUB. This effort added many Great Smaller Distributors that Believe in the Product and Spurred many Websites selling product- Also, and also binner distribution and and Many Many more. I personally know of over a Dozen Extra Distributors that were signed in the Company During just the first Quarter of 2014 cause I was doing the signing. I actually have enjoyed Distributing the Product but I will not bug you about it here. If you want to try it just buy it on Amazon, Ebay, or Any of the websites above.

SO- With all these increases, as AWESOME as they are, and as far ahead of track as they were. We of course know, or at least HOPE, that all of that increase was NOT simply this Grassroots effort By a few Dozen people but the Company actually picking up speed a bit as well. With this in Mind, think NEWS.

News?... Yeah, the OTC world News is very slow to disseminate for sure, 1-3 weeks is pretty normal. But Since this 2nd Quarter is started, they have already announced a deal with MJNA worth about 30 times what sales were in the first quarter, and not only that Signed other accounts that Trumps the first Quarter including adding Vitamin Shoppe (NYSE:VSI) and getting the Energy Chews into around 600 new locations in Just that deal... Plus there is the Whole 1.1 Million Dollar contract with MJNA for Kannaway and the Kannakick product.... Yes, Q2 is going to be rather SWEET, I think! I can't wait to see what's up in 3 months or so.

I am NOT happy with the performance of this Stock in the past 2 months I have lost a few nice Condos worth or money... Crazy However, its just paper value right... LOL

LVVV Chart

LVVV data by YCharts

I believe this one is worth it, and I believe that, Yes, APRU is Nearly worthless... However, that Worthlessness Gives LVVV a Great Vehicle to Move Forward Boldly and add to everything as needed in respect to the CBD and Medical Marijuana, and its worth something... Something to the tune of 2 to 8 million to LVVV.

Counting up the APRU Toxic Debt & Super Preferred Shares

If your Crazy enough to figure the Stock value at the current stock price then there is a about 32 Billion Possible shares according to the 8k (YES, I am counting Super Preferred they are Issued). LVVV Controls about 25-26 Billion of them with the extra. Meaning we're dealing of a Market cap of APRU of just under 26 Million Dollars, of which around 20 Million is on the Bottom line of LVVV next Quarter.

But Wait, Like I said, I dunno, there is just No way at this point that APRU is Even worth .0003 a share. That would put the value at just under 10 million or still A Lot more than LVVV's Market Cap & That's the company that is the Parent.

Did I not make that Clear? LVVV is Carrying a Market cap of around 7Million about 26% of APRU's market cap... WOW!

This is the Main Point of LVVV that is just as Important to "Be in the know" on is this. The stock is worth what it was BEFORE it Announced a CBD Product BEFORE they announced the MJNA connection and Kannaway BEFORE the Vitamin Shoppe deal, BEFORE the APRU deal... ALL of these deals added Incredible Value to LVVV, And each time in the Face of Great added Value... LVVV has went down in Value.... Simply Amazing. Research this one yourself DO NOT take my word on it, in any way Shape or form, as much Stock as I own it wouldn't seem like I could do anything but Talk good about it...

However, you will see if you visit, that this is not the case. No One pays me anything to Promote the Stocks I promote. I invest My own hard earned monies and No one tells me what to think of a deal. As you read through the Blog on Stock Gambles you will see I am a bit Crude and very Rough around the edges to say the least. But I expect Management to Act when there is opportunity and act in a way that is good for the company and the stockholders. If not I will bring it up and talk about the problem at hand.

Lately, Management of LVVV had NOT been doing that! Why am I focused so much on LVVV out of this entire Article? Well, Simply stated its the one I have worked with hands on and feel like I know the most about and I really feel like they are cheap! In the past Months there have been a few dropped balls and losing 60% or so of the value of the Stock was NOT in My plans.. LOL Well, You know..;-) I know its a risky Business etc., but it was just too much. Especially with the added value. So as IHUB became CRAZY with Bashers and, in this case, it was not only the bashers which we really never had till the APRU deal and the bashers came with the deal... Worse yet is the APRU Stockholders.. Calling for $3.87 a share with no reverse split and Claiming LVVV will Give all its regular business to APRU because... LOL It don't even matter, these people are just well.... COME ON LVVV Buys a Shell to shied its Brands and Products from Liabilities that could arise from the CBD and Medical Marijuana and Separate it in Customers Minds... And then they will give it to the Shell so they can jeopardize it all... LOL The Ignorance level of some people is amazing $3.87 times 32 Billion is Awwww Hell its only around 120 Billion dollar Market Cap... Heck that's about the same as Amazon or Intel... LOL

UPDATE: This Morning I just saw the new Price target is $5.00 at APRU!! WOW- Things are going pretty well in their minds... WOW! Just Freaking WOW!!

The Open Letter to LVVV

I had just really felt like these problems were Pretty Pathetic, and to have such Good News and Bad Stock Performance was on Management. Like I said, I have around 25,000 Subscribers on YouTube Many of who bought Stock... So I wrote the Open Letter... Yeah Yeah, I know, it's a Penny Stock and you don't hear of that sort of thing. Well, I did it anyways. Click HERE to see the Open Letter to LVVV.

Now, I was not Mr.Happy... Who am I??? Just some Schmuck that bought a Carload of stock. But it is their job to care about what I and Every Stockholder thinks, or they Lose our Investment its that Simple. The Shareholders were sending questions in and calling in fact Some of the questions were just Over and Over. LVVV has Always had a Very Open policy of Answering Questions in emails and the Phone.... Well this was no different. It took a LONG time & really in my opinion was just another dropped ball in the way the handled it BUT... WOW... This makes LVVV about the most Clear Company out there in fact if you need to call the company call them dial for sales and ask for Tony or email

Well They Answered them and It is HUGE information.

Click HERE to see tha Answers to the Open Letter from LVVV

LVVV is the only one Immune to the APRU Scam

Look, everyone knows this Company will take Time to set up and get the Proposed Ticker Change. LVVV is the one who commited to clean this mess up.

The Price Paid by LVVV for APRU is around or LESS than .00001 per share

Bob Corr, whether you Like him or hate him, has hurt everything he ever touched it seems, and also seems to have a HUGE story to explain why for each screw up! The stockholders in the company seem to have taken on his undesirable ways somehow. In this time, the Stock Literally could do ANYTHING. There is NOT a lot of Outstanding shares Today at 10:43 only $1052 worth of stock... The Largest Free Trading Shareholder is Still Bob Corr, With Billions of Shares! APRU and the Backhanded ways the Investors seem to act is Exactly the kind of company that the SEC is warning to be careful of. No earnings, No Info. Cause its Pink sheet and Possibly the worst one is The Pump & Dump tactics used by these people. Every day there is Unfounded lies and things of that nature to wade through on this stock. For LVVV, its No Problem (Well, aside from APRU Leeching LVVV's Value with Lies), but LVVV are Firmly in control. For anyone thinking of investing, I would be very weary of APRU until a Reverse Split and a fall or Instant sales hit. The only other thing it has going for it is speculation right now, and Not based on any value at all... And at such a Inflated Value its just too much of it right now up to this point, I think.

Why bring this up? Well, your going to see it anyways! Only a fool could miss it. If I am going to say LVVV is Cheap and Show you why... Well, it takes establishing a "Real World" Valuation on APRU Stock. This was a Big Move and this big move should pay off in the long run but in the meanwhile, it really is business as usual. WELL, With A Lot more sales..;-)

On IHUB you will feel Like you missed the school Bus one Morning and had to ride on the short bus... LOL! So, way I figure it is I should tell you now so you see... I think LVVV def Added 2-8 Million to its bottom line value with this deal but that's all. Could APRU Skyrocket from here.. Well Anything is possible with Speculation as it is in the Marijuana Industry You could see the Price hole although its more likely to fall in half from where it is now at .0008 as I write. Heck, it could go up though.. Either way LVVV is a Safe bet to play and have the added value of controlling the APRU stock without buying it. In fact each share of LVVV Controls Between 180 and 200 shares of APRU including the extra Super Preferred shares... That's around 190 shares of APRU for EVERY Share of LVVV that you Own... WOW! Now for the Short bus, NO, you don't get actual Shares in APRU you own that part through your LVVV Stock.


Yea, its A Lot, However, I feel that Livewire Ergogenics is one that you should REALLY Look into and see what you think of it. Its just in SUCH a Unique situation right now!

They Have a LOW Float,They are Building a group of Shells that is Pretty Impressive.. APRU is 4 they Control including the parent There is Also Rushnet Inc (OTCPK:OTCPK:RSHN) and Adia Nutrition (OTCPK:OTCPK:ADIA) Where this all ends up who knows although it is VERY Obvious to figure out where all the Money and Benefits Funnel to..;-)

SO What it LVVV Worth per Share? Well I will Show you!

Well Its REALLY Hard to say With APRU situation not being 100% Clear and so many More Convertibles outstanding.... However, I think that I have a Pretty good Idea and think LVVV is worth about Twice what the Price is Now MINIMUM and again that's Without the Value of the APRU shares and the New Revenue from this Quarter.

I read LOTS of Charts and such LOTS of them Check out this Chart below and remember the Revenue and Book Value is all as of 2 Months ago and had went up A LOT since then!

This Chart is AMAZING though!!

LVVV Chart

LVVV data by YCharts

Seriously that chart... WOW

I believe this Chart shows LVVV as one of the most Verifiable DEALS Out there... Consider the fact this Chart only counts the Revenue from 2 months ago and in those 2 months they sold about 6 Times as much Product as the entire year last year. You will see These Lines Shoot UP Right off the Chart pretty soon when people get the word!

These companies all have something in common.

They are in the shell game and in the CBD and Medical Marijuana Industry.

What Makes them all Different is the Level that they are set up.

Some are More set up with the product end and are still working on the Shell Game and some have their shell popping off and have no product yet.

MJNA Has been playing this Shell Game for SO Long and their Corporate setup and Shells are so far ahead of most any of these Stocks besides PHOT.

PHOT Growlife Inc REALLY has a Great Structure Not only do they have Extra Corps, Brands and Businesses set up They actually have Sales coming in and Actually look pretty good Compared to most of them out there!

HEMP Bruce has been Building this Company for Quite sometime to say the least. There are MANY Corps under this Company and A few of them are getting ready to "Spin Out" to Shareholders

FITX Does not really need separation in the way they are set up they can sell weed in the mail and its 100% legal for them. I believe even they have some sort of shell or Dummy corp going as well.

LVVV Well, You for sure heard what I had to say on this one. This is an AMAZING Opportunity, I think, and even as I finish this article up Before 10:30 today after staying up till 5:40, and realizing I fell asleep at 8:00 awhile back. LVVV Really could be one of the biggest to Explode!! I say this because I know how much is going on from following it so long and hard.

It's all on YOU-

Yup, That's what we all know in the end. These companies I mentioned are some REALLY Interesting Companies, however, there are SO many more out there. If I could give advice it would be- Don't put all your eggs in 1 basket!! Really, its just Stupid to do. Especially considering just how much opportunity is out there in this Industry, and also how you need better odds to pick the HUGE Winners..;-) I own ALL these Stock and a bunch of them you can see all that on My Stock Gambles Website I may Buy more, I may sell ANY or All of these. I am looking to make Money here and, Honestly, I am looking for that one Company.

I Hope you enjoyed this article.. You can visit My Websites:

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And of course My main Stock Website Stock Gambles

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Good Luck in ALL your Investing I wish you the best in ALL that you do!


Nathan Wratislaw

Disclosure: I am long MJNA, LVVV, PHOT, FITX, HEMP.

Business relationship disclosure: This article is Written by me Nathan Wratislaw I am a Stockholder in these Companies. And I also Distribute Livewire Energy Chews. I am NOT Paid by the companies in anyway to talk about their Stocks.

Additional disclosure: I own most ALL Of the stock in this Marijuana Stocks Article. I May Buy or Sell more as time goes on. These are opinion as a stockholder. You Must research what you invest in and make your own choices after careful study and reading.