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Avoiding the Bear Market 2010

|Includes: DRV, FAZ, SDS, Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3x Shares ETF (TZA)

I find the fact that many analysts are just now turning bearish concering, however, the facts of the market are more concerning (in case you haven't noticed analysts such as the talking heads on Fast Money are usually one step behind). First off, let me clarify, the job situation is terrible. The labor market added temporary census jobs to inflate the numbers and we still missed the target. June numbers are even farther off (indicators have told us that) and if you insist on being bullish due to GDP estimates you must provide an explanation of how our $13 trillion dollar debt is not going to end up in higher taxes or a different government altogether. America is the top country yet how long can that be sustained with our unecessary spending? Forget about Hungary for now. The fact of the matter is we live in a global economy. The failings of Europe unfortunately will affect everyone, and the audacity to strike when austerity measures are put in is astounding. I am not going to flaunt gold here either. Yes, it is the safest currency and a wise non-risk investment but at $1,250 plus do you see gold doubling to $2,500 in a year? I want to believe considering the massive bailouts that will not work and simply provided "time" as Germany's chancellor Merkel admitted. Unfortunately, the only way to wade through this is more bailouts but in the end you can't print enough fiat money to work your way out of this problem. (Hence why gold is the smart investment.) Either way, the market is going to head downwards in a big way and if you want to cash out on it you can try these ETFs. TZA is my favorite, when everything gets hammered, small caps usually take the brunt of the blow. As I write today the market finished up 123 on the DOW, yet TZA (small cap 3x bear) also finished in the positives. Expect good gains if you believe the downwards drift we are entering. SDS, FZA, DRV (real estate is going to suffer again government can't offer tax credits forever). The fact of the matter is small shots of vaccine in the arm cannot cure a plague. And in fact antibodies will build up that no longer accept the shots in the arm (tea party). Taxpayers, we should all know that future generations are screwed yet we are destroying our present generation as well. We don't have the money and printing it will only devalue it. Good luck but to the risk averse check out the direxion bear ETFs, non risk go to cash and gold. Save your money while it is still worth something.

Disclosure: Large Position TAZ, Small Position DRV