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Sale of Public Assets

These stories seem to set up a discernible pattern that as of yet, I haven't seen discussed at any kind of level in the popular media:

Step 1. - States and counties cut meaningful amounts of jobs.

Step 2. - The public, fed up with the extravagant contracts previously awarded to state workers, supports the cutback of public sector perks and benefits.

Step 3. - Public unions, seeing the direction of the prevailing winds, decide to play ball, to varying degrees of cooperation, but also retain their paramount concern of growing and sustaining membership.

Step. 4 - States and localities continue to face enormous deficits and long-term liabilities, but also have numerous assets (roads, buildings, etc.) that require ongoing maintenance and repair.

Step 5. - The unions, sensing an opportunity to save jobs, become persuaded that one opportunity to slash costs and protect workers, is to sell public assets.

Step 6 - Private money swoops in to purchase various roadways, buildings, etc.
Seems entirely plausible and predictable to me.

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