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Telsa Rowe to turn $2500 into $100,000 in 3 months and 8 total trades. Blog 1/13

|Includes: ALBO, ARNA, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (JAZZ)

What I love about biotech more than any other sector is it's volatility which can be profited from regardless of which way its chosen security moves. Biotech is a sector that allows options to be profited from more so than any other sector. I also love the fact that biotechs have staid action dates (FDA panels, pdufa's, phase result presentations, etcetera). With these staid action dates one can begin research and DD on a wide range of biotechs and select the ones they like or dislike. From there one can develop his trading strategy far in advance modifying it slightly with the news updates on the chosen securities. 

I took a bet the other day from a colleague. He said it's impossible for the individual trader these days to make more money with their funds than proffesionally managed funds can for them. He said Wall Street is rigged. My arguement was that if it (Wall Street) was rigged it was irrelevant because traders enjoy the freedom to utilize tools to make money when stocks go up (calls, buying stock) or down (puts, short stock) or even sideways(certain option spreads). I bet him that I could turn $2500 into $100,000 in 3 months. I was met with laughter. I wasn't laughing because I knew I had done it before on more than one occasion. This will be 1 of approximately 13 blog entries chronicaling my trades over the next 3 months. To make things harder for me and easier for you let's set some rudimentary rules:

1. There must be no more than 8 total trades
2. No pennystocks
3. No daytrades

I do not ask that anybody mirror my trades at all as my positions will carry CONSIDERABLE risk. I do ask that you follow my progress and check in to see how it's going every so often. To say I was not aware of the trades i will make already is a lie. I spent most of July researching, pouring through clinical trial data, TA, chatting with experts, and finding FDA trends. My next 3 months consist of 8 total trades (a buy and then sell of same security is considered 2 trades).

1) Buying puts for JAZZ going into their panel meeting
2) Buying puts for ARNA going into their panel meeting
3) Buying calls for BIOD going into their PDUFA

There has been some criticism of my vociferous parlance as of late but that will be inaudible after I will smash the professionaly managed funds returns over the next 3 months and validate my authenticity. NOTHING but embers will follow this deathmarch. After I turn $2500 into $100,000 I will then begin a second part to this turning $100,000 into $1,000,000. Enough with the talking and bullshit general market discussions which foolishly dominate seekingalpha. Its time to make money and witness somebody actually put their money where their mouth is. That somebody is me.

I will author a blog before each option trade execution and include a screenshot.. Again, my starting capital is $2500. This has been blog entry 1/13. 


Disclosure: positions forthcoming