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Watch Your Wallet... This Little-Known Facet of the Healthcare Bill May Cost You $240 Per Month

by Bob Carlson, Advisory Panelist, The Oxford Club

When a 1,000-plus page piece of legislation gets passed into law - rushed or not - there are bound to be a few provisions that get overlooked. The latest healthcare law is no exception.

But if you're a working adult, there's one little-known facet you need to get acquainted with, STAT!

That's because the new healthcare law establishes a voluntary, long-term care assistance program called CLASS. All working adults will be automatically enrolled (via payroll deductions) beginning January 1, 2011. And it could cost you up to $240 per month.

The good news? You can easily opt out of this new program if you choose.

With the clock ticking, let me explain exactly what's going on so you can make an informed decision.

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