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where is the recession ?

I am very very average - middle income - middle class - 3 kids - 2 cars - paying a
mortgage on my home - etc etc

I live in Boynton Beach Fla, - it is summer - not the high season for the snowbids - 
yet the resturants are busy - stores doing OK ( so appears to me ) - 

I know real estate is hard - it is my job to know that and it is easy to see here - 
but other then the real estate market here ( many good buys for those looking ahead ) 
the recession seems rather normal - a downturn 

perhaps I am too ill informed about the Macro economics of it all - 
but I think the media and so, so many experts have their own agendas
to spread which  for the average guy this only leaves your own gut feeling 
and perhaps some general common sense to guide you