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Interesting Week Coming

Let me say that it was a brilliant move covering our QQQQ short early this morning at 46.10... (Humor) But it was the correct move.

But more importantly was buying UWM at 28.85 and selling them at 29.45 as a daytrade... (More humor) But again a nice technical trade.

Seriously though, the most interesting move is the markets big upwardly move over the last hour! Why the move? Who knows...

This sets up next week as an interesting week, what will "they" do? Very hard too say and if someone did they'd either be lying or just lucky.

Honestly I really don't care which direction we go and what a nice position to be in. But that's our strategy works, we make money either way. Just give us both directions.

Technically we're still above 85% on the SPY and we're fighting between the 100 day and 200 day moving averages. If we can hold the 200 day and break above the 100 day then we should rally. And obviously we can't hold the 200 day then we're going down.

Personally, I believe "they'll" find a way to break above, if only for a short time. Which again works fine with me, we'll raise cash and prepare for the correction. If we fall down, no problem, I want to sell some PUTS on DIG and or SLV and maybe something else as well.

Until Monday, have a great weekend!

Disclosure: Long DIG SLV VXX Short QQQQ SMH XLE XRT