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Really Reason to Rally, Really...?

The Fed talk definitely provided a nice day-trade opportunity. But is what they said, "that is recovery is slower and will take longer than they originally thought" really reason for us to rally from triple digit red?

Guess thats why (I believe) the market has no common sense... Too many times we see that bad is good and good is bad. That's why I believe in the combination of technicals and sound reason for decision making and not hope or emotions.

Now that these two hurdles (Fed and jobs number) have come and passed maybe our volume and volatility will return and we can make some trades.

I was hoping that SLV was headed down on her charts, but gapping down .30 and closing .40 above her low it doesn't appear she's ready.

Right now I'm getting ready for option expiration, to see what expires for 100% profit and start getting ready for Sept expiration. But the market needs to come down on her charts before we can do much of anything.

It's just hard to get excited when most everything is still above 90% on the charts. And looking down the road its hard to get excited about the economy, the jobs picture and current stock prices.

To quote that old saying "good things come to those who wait", I truly believe that's the case for right now.

Disclosure: Long DIG SLV VXX Short QQQQ XLE SMH XRT