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Heading to Payday Friday...

Did someone say something about triple green yesterday...? When I did, I really wasn't thinking we could be up 150 plus, but nice pre option expiration volatitly... Because other than the charts being on the bottom, there was no "real" reason for today's big rally. Anyway, glad we're green.

Today was basically a portfolio adjustment day preparing for Friday. And when I say adjustment, I mean taking profits to get out of positions that I really don't need and getting into ones I want.

(Remember that I make a lot of trades for the portfolios that I manage that I don't post for MSO self directed customers) With that said, I took profits today in SMH puts, VXX naked calls and sold more covered calls on SLV. Also sold some VXX September puts.

Overall this was a very broad based rally with all sectors participating. One that I think could carry for a couple more days.

Friday is our big payday with six options expiring so now it's just a waiting game.

Disclosure: Long DIG SLV VXX Short QQQQ XLE XRT