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Article On Indexation Of Military Superannuation Compared With Politicians Superannuation

Please find the attached article for a different perspective on the indexation of military pensions versus politicians pensions.

The key take away here is the difference in policy and the treatment of different groups. Defined benefit funds are a historical legacy, and future governments will continue to try and shift the risk (and funding) of funds back onto the individual, as has been demonstrated by attempts to change policy (for military members) in recent years.

One issue not considered here is that a military superannuation fund only forms one component of a balanced financial plan, something that everyone regardless of circumstance or background should have. Independent savings, house ownership, and diversified investment allocation is something we all should target to set us up for retirement and avoid any hand out mentality.

One unquestionable fact is that the politicians superannuation scheme and its associated entitlements, has always been, and remains, ridiculous and beyond what the general public would consider acceptable.

For those interested in reading more about the Senate review into indexation of pension arrangements you can access the report at the following link: