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Follow The Sun - My Sun Tzu Portfolio 2012, Week 2

|Includes: Alaska Air Group, Inc. (ALK), BHP, C, CAT, GD, PCXCQ, PNC, WMT

Another week down into the new year and I am attaching the latest week end close on my Sun Tzu Portfolio. For new readers this is a portfolio I created to follow a select number of stocks, which are to be managed by following the principles laid out in Sun Tzu's Art of War. You can find the original article and progress of the portfolio week by week by accessing them from my profile (see the links to articles and instablogs):

The portfolio over all is tracking ok, with a nett position of 9.19% growth and a valuation of $103,702, plus a cash balance of $5,028 giving a final portfolio position of $108,730.

Performance wise, the stocks are currently performing as follows:

  • CAT: +25.43%
  • PNC: +18.78%
  • ALK: +16.78%
  • GD: +12.89%
  • WMT: +7.86%
  • C: +5.24%
  • BHP: -1.20%
  • PCX: -18.78%
The negative performance of BHP does not worry me; it is a solid blue chip miner and is a pure long play stock selection. PCX is testing my nerve, but if I go back to a first principles approach, it is a small % of the overall portfolio, and was included as a wildcard play (high risk, high gain) whereas the remaining stocks are all (from my perspective) blue chip stocks (either capital growth or dividend paying). That said I will be investigating further to set a definitive exit point for PCX. Reminds me of a wise saying though... 'never bet more than you are prepared to lose'.

Disclosure: I am long BHP.

Additional disclosure: This advice is general advice only. You should seek independant financial advice prior to making any investments of your own.