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Follow The Sun, My Sun Tzu Portfolio 2012, Week 5

|Includes: Alaska Air Group, Inc. (ALK), BHP, C, CAT, CVX, GD, PCXCQ, PNC, WMT

Hi everyone,

I know I said I would only do an end of month update from 27th January onwards, however I did stipulate I would provide updates for key out of cycle events. This week prior saw me set the guidelines for a rebalance of the portfolio, with a sell of (NYSE:CAT) shares and a purchase of (NYSE:CVX) shares. The sale of the 34 x CAT shares saw a gross return (on paper profit) of $980.22, while the entry for CVX was $102.54 for 50 shares.

This week has been an up week for all stocks with two (NYSE:WMT) and (NYSE:ALK) hitting 52 week highs. (CAT) continues to perform and its Q4 earnings report showed promise for 2012, likewise for (NYSE:GD).

Performance for this week is as follows:

  • (ALK) +6.14%
  • (NYSE:BHP) +2.63%
  • (NYSE:C) +8.93%
  • (CAT) +3.22%
  • (CVX) +2.89%
  • (GD) +0.19%
  • (PCX) +4.95%
  • (NYSE:PNC) +5.88%
  • (WMT) +5.88%
Overall the portfolio is up on average 15.71% since inception. With dividends and cash, the portfolio value as at 03 Feb is $116,573.50

Sun Tzu Portfolio - 3rd February, 2012

Disclosure: I am long BHP.

Additional disclosure: This advice is general advice only. You should seek independent professional financial advice prior to making any investments of your own.