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Insider Trading

|Includes: Agilysys, Inc. (AGYS)

I initiated a position in AGYS this morning.  True, the chart looks a bit indecisive.  My primary attraction to this equity wasn’t the chart, in this case.

I started by running a screen for insider accumulation, then sorting the results on beta (looking for higher volatility.)  As you can imagine, this gave me hundreds of results.  I took a look at all the results with a beta above 2.0, and found a lot of crap that wasn’t worth a second glance.  I didn’t really care for minor scattered insider purchases – I wanted to see clear indications of greed.  I also looked at the charts, looking for buy signals on the point and figure chart (or at least a lack of repeated sell signals.)

The result: Agilysys.  It’s chart appears to be at multi-year support, and over the last year there’s been several million dollars of insider buying at the $6 – $7 levels by several different company officers and beneficial owners.

The position’s been added to my posted portfolio for your observation.

Disclosure: Long AGYS at time of writing.