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Have You Met Tick and Trin Before?

|Includes: SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

 I don't know if you have met these two fellows, Tick and Trin, but let me introduce you to them.  They come in handy once in a while and you may be glad you made their acquaintance.

Tick is accessed on either stockcharts or freestockcharts by entering the symbol $tick.  Personally, I like to make them invisible and then use a small numbered moving average to show me what each has to say.
What I am looking for is an extreme reading - in this case an extreme reading  of unsustainable selling - to give me a BUY signal.  After a sharp spike down turns up, that is the time to buy - so says Tick.
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Whereas Tick excels at using price change for its calculation, Trin uses the advance/decline ratio of stocks and the ratio of up volume to down volume.
I have always found Trin to be a bit more obstinate than Tick - more difficult to get a straight answer from - but I do know this:  When Trin is very very high above ZERO, it is going to fall.  And when Trin falls, price goes up.
Both indicators, btw, use the NYSE for their data.  There is no such thing as a Tick or Trin indicator for a single stock or ETF (unfortunately).
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